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SCOTTLOCK’s AR15 Rifle Locking System Receives Member Tested and Recommended Approval from NTOA

August 14th, 2020 – The makers of the SCOTTLOCK™ are proud to announce that their AR15 rifle locking system was recently approved by the National Tactical Officer’s Association (NTOA) as a Member Tested and Recommended product!  This achievement is impressive as the SCOTTLOCK™ was tested and evaluated by independent officers from around the country.  The NTOA grades products based on design, performance, ease of use, size, quality, durability, storage, versatility, convenience, application, and maintenance.  

The SCOTTLOCK™ is a portable locking and retention system for all mil-spec AR-15 rifles.  The SCOTTLOCK™ works by sandwiching the rifle between two steel plates.  The steel plates use a layer of high density foam to protect the rifle.  It can then be tethered practically anywhere via a high security chain or cable.  It was designed by law enforcement officers with tactical situations in mind.

• Made in the USA

• Patent Pending

• Fits all mil-spec AR-15 rifles (.223 and .556 calibers)

• Weighs approximately 4 lbs

• Approximately 8” x 3.5”

• Prevents manipulation of the trigger, safety, magazine release and assembly pins (makes the rifle inoperable)

• Water and solvent resistant

• Lifetime Warranty

• Lock, cable and rifle not included

Are you in an unmarked vehicle?  Is your rifle locked in a box, in your trunk, under your gear?  Are you afraid your rifle might be stolen if you have to leave your vehicle for a bathroom break?  Do you have a truck-gun?  These scenarios exist around the country in hundreds of local, state and federal agencies.  If you face any of these issues, consider checking us out.

The company is owned and operated by two current law enforcement officers.  They have over 50 years of police experience between them.  The SCOTTLOCK™ is proudly made and manufactured in America and has a lifetime, no questions asked, warranty.  They also offer a discount to all first responders, military personnel and veterans.

For additional information please visit us at: www.scottlockusa.com

9 Responses to “SCOTTLOCK’s AR15 Rifle Locking System Receives Member Tested and Recommended Approval from NTOA”

  1. Geoff says:

    Obligatory tattooed guy for proof of operatorness.

  2. SSGGlock says:

    Yeah, send that to the lock picking lawyer. “A click on one, click on two and its opened”.

    • scott says:

      You can use whatever lock you want. Some of our customers have purchased very expensive padlocks which are next to impossible to defeat. But very expensive. You get what you pay for. The locks we offer are legit. But nothing is impenetrable. Enough time with enough tools and you win. But to protect the rifle against common thieves, this works great! It would be easier to steal the car…

  3. Glen says:

    Does it come with complimentary tattoo vouchers??

  4. Glen says:

    Complimentary Tattoo vouchers included!?!?

  5. sjl777 says:

    The unit will only work as designed if installed correctly and if you do not use a cheap lock and cable/chain combo. A lot of cops are cheap and some will use a gym combo lock and thin bike cable to save a few bucks.

    I have talked to the two Scotts who created the device. It was designed for quick deployment of a carbine. The product gives you the option to have the carbine inside the passenger compartment with a means to secure it.

  6. scott says:

    Not sure! Maybe!

  7. scott says:

    Than you sjl777!