ADS Federal Range Day 2020 – Bounce Imaging Tactical Throwable Cameras

Bounce Imaging Tactical Throwable Cameras are a ball-shaped camera system with multiple lenses embedded. All six of the cameras are on simultaneously, so you can see 360 degrees all of the time. Output is to a smartphone/tablet or VR via Google Cardboard. Range is up to 60 feet.

The cameras maintain 360 deg horizontal stability. That’s vertical and horizontal video stability even as the system rolls, bounces, or hangs on a rope.

What’s more, the imagery can be shared. There’s a camera-generated WiFi network for the local team, long-range extenders, and cloud-sharing of video on the other side of the state, country, or world.

Durable, the Tactical Throwable Camera has been tested to sustain up to 25 drops from seven feet into concrete.

Units and agencies can procure all products shown during ADS Federal Range Day by contacting ADS Inc.

One Response to “ADS Federal Range Day 2020 – Bounce Imaging Tactical Throwable Cameras”

  1. Pat T says:

    Pretty cool setup, although I’m curious about the IR lights on the ball and how they’d affect a team wearing NODs and how the cameras would handle their White Balance after a Flashbang gets thrown?