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Green Beret Anniversary

On 21 Sep 1961, The Green Beret became the official headgear of the US Army Special Forces.

11 Responses to “Green Beret Anniversary”

  1. Colin says:

    Is this a re-enactment photo??

  2. Frank Withrow says:

    I won my beret in 1970 and served with the 5th SFG MACVSOG CCNthen returned to Ft. Bragg with the 5th. The greatest time of my life.

  3. Gerard says:

    New ‘Retro’ US Army Uniform. It will strike fear into enemies who remember that look from Vietnam

  4. Ed says:

    “…Men who mean just what they say, The brave men of the Green Beret”

    – Sgt. Barry Sadler

  5. What a proud lineage. Happy Birthday brothers, to all of us!

  6. miclo18d says: