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Cordura NYCO Goes Into Active Service with Britain’s Crack Commandos

Gloucester, UK – 21 September 2020 – Chosen for its durability and high-performance characteristics, CORDURA® NYCO fabric is being used to produce the next generation of highly advanced uniforms for the Royal Marines Commandos, designed and manufactured by Crye Precision and distributed by Level Peaks in a contract with the NATO Support and Procurement Agency.

The UK’s renowned Royal Marines Commandos are one of the toughest and most elite forces in the world, operating from polar regions to the tropics and every place in between. From their daring raids on occupied-Europe during World War II, right up to the present day, they have been the spearhead for military action on a global scale and their exploits have won them an awesome and well-deserved reputation.

So, as you would expect, to get the right to wear the famous ‘green beret’ their new recruits undergo one of the most gruelling selection ordeals you could imagine. And the same exacting standards were applied to the CORDURA® fabric used in the new uniforms they are now being issued with as part of the Future Commando Force initiative. The CORDURA® brand takes quality assessment to punishing extremes – with fabric test procedures that include aggressive abrasion testing to push durability to the limit.

This is the key strength of the new uniform which comprises individual Combat and Field ensembles all made from Crye Precision’s comfort weave MultiCam® VTX Ripstop stretch CORDURA® NYCO fabric using INVISTA’s T420HT high tenacity nylon 6,6 fibre blended with cotton. CORDURA® NYCO fabric offers long-lasting comfort and performance for the wearer. The uniform is printed with Crye Precision’s MultiCam® camo pattern by 1947 LLC through an exclusive international manufacturing license agreement.

Along with delivering the enhanced durability required for the Commandos in action, this fabric is a foundation for a new uniform that is lighter weight, has comfort stretch, has higher tear-strength, is faster-drying and is more breathable than typical 50/50 nylon/cotton uniform kit. Meaning it can be trusted and relied on in the most extreme and hostile environments on earth – from frozen wastes to jungle and deserts.

Crye Precision, the ultimate specialist in combat apparel

The Royal Marines uniform has been designed and engineered by a company with unrivalled in-depth knowledge of the specific demands of combat and tactical operations. Crye Precision are the ultimate specialists in their field and work closely with global military professionals to develop new and technically superior generations of combat apparel and related kit incorporating unique technologies.

Why did they choose CORDURA® fabric? Gregg Thompson, Co-Founder Crye Precision, sums it up this way: “The next generation uniform is always our focus, and the fabric is always the starting point. We need people who understand what we’re trying to do. Who are willing to partner with us to help us get there. For us, CORDURA® is that partner. They set the technical standard and pretty much our entire line has some kind of CORDURA® element in it. It’s so reliable, it just performs in every situation.”

Level Peaks – meeting NATO’s needs

The new uniforms are supplied by Level Peaks under its five-year contract with the NATO Support and Procurement Agency. This British company describes its central objective as the introduction of more effective, integrated uniform systems. Jim Clarke- Programme Director for Level Peaks says:

“We are very excited by this initiative. With Crye Precision’s world leading designs and CORDURA® fabric technology we are able to supply troops with a solution that is lighter, stronger and more comfortable. It will be worn by troops rapidly deployed to war zones, combat missions, commando raids, or providing humanitarian assistance”

1947 LLC – Full-service military solution provider

The Crye MultiCam® VTX printed fabric is exclusively supplied by 1947 LLC who are a full-service textile solution provider specializing in military, tactical, and industrial products. 1947 LLC have worked with Crye Precision since the pattern was originally developed and are extremely pleased and proudly support this opportunity to introduce this new and innovative fabric into the European theatre for the NATO forces. Ben Galpen co-Founder of 1947 LLC says: “Entering into a new market is always exciting for our company but this is especially rewarding as we are honoured to support NATO and its mission.”  

CORDURA® NYCO, the fighting fabric

CORDURA® NYCO intimate blend nylon/cotton technology was specifically created for military and tactical applications and has a 40-year heritage of success and proven performance in the field. The current range of innovative fabrics based on NYCO technology includes Crye’s NATO selected VTX Stretch Ripstop. The Crye MultiCam® VTX NYCO stretch mobility fabric is powered by INVISTA’s latest high tenacity fibre technology – Type 420HT – for the ultimate in lightweight strength, comfort and enhanced durability.

Allen Mortimer Military EMEA director for INVISTA CORDURA® concludes:

“Through close consultation with military experts – including experienced veterans – we are constantly evolving CORDURA® fabrics to face new scenarios in different theatres of conflict. We’re proud to know that this fabric now provides NATO troops with a tougher way to handle the toughest missions – and we salute the Royal Marines as the first unit to lead the way forward”.

11 Responses to “Cordura NYCO Goes Into Active Service with Britain’s Crack Commandos”

  1. Ed says:

    “Crack Commnado’s” Soooo much to unravel with that headline! (I am aware that many eon’s ago that was common term for elite/superior, it just sounds very uneven in today’s lexicon.) my $0.02! 🙂

    • Sommerbiwak says:

      In 1972 a crack commando unit was sent to prison by a military court for a crime they didn’t commit.
      These men promptly escaped from a maximum security stockade to the London underground.
      Today, still wanted by Her Majesty’s government, they survive as soldiers of fortune.
      If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them, maybe you can hire the Royal Marines Commandoes.

  2. Lad says:

    Hahaha oh my god. Who other than the Daily Mail’s made up SAS war fanfics unironically uses “crack commando”? This ruined the whole thing, I couldn’t stop laughing.

  3. Lasse says:

    Is that the A-Teams intro?

  4. Vin says:

    I’m really disappointed about that, i got a g4 combat pant, used only one time in harsh environment, got immediately some fabric snags in 20 spots… Used a g2 set in the same environment, no issues at all in 8 years of use… Only snags on the tan strech material

  5. Colin says:

    huh so not MTP?

  6. redbeard says:

    Time for a new Crack Marketing team.

  7. Ex Coelis says:

    No two ways about it – Crye Precision builds THE best uniform kit on the entire planet. For extended wear – my experience allows me to relate that their G3 pants verge on ‘pajama comfort’ and durability-wise, great for the price of good. Miost of the advert really was complete cornball but the author(s) got one thing right-on – Crye Precision is THE ultimate specialist in combat apparel – thank you Caleb Crye!!!