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US Army Face Coverings Available from Clothier Design Source

The U.S. Army Combat Capabilities Development Command Soldier Center designed and developed Army Face Coverings based on the guidelines from the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and Department of Defense (DoD) to wear cloth face coverings when social distancing protocols could not be met.

There are currently two designs:

Clothier Design Source, a Minnesota-based manufacturer of medical textiles offers both in Black, Tan 499 and OCP. Your also offer embroidery.

Visit www.clothierdesignsource.com.

16 Responses to “US Army Face Coverings Available from Clothier Design Source”

  1. Ross B says:

    Silliest thing on the planet! Our soldiers used to be lead by bold leaders leading fearlessly, from the front.
    Now, we have “leadership” afraid of their own shadows. Apparently they also fear this “virus” that eventually everyone will get. Face it and move on …
    Seeing our soldiers walking around with masks on, even while deployed! LOL, is about as bad as the theater of security we produce at most military installations … as bad as keeping soldiers unarmed, only to be “protected” by a few “security force” members. The Army brass are hoplophobes, now it looks like they are germaphobes too.

    • Mike says:

      You’re right. Why show the enemy we’re afraid? Our troops deserve to be led by real, fearless leaders who don’t bow to the weak Communist advice of the “scientists” and “medical experts” who are just trying to turn us into a socialist liberty-free society.

      While we’re at it, let’s get rid of some other ridiculous PPE we never should have let the liberals make us wear. Helmets, for example. How often does shrapnel hit a head, after all? And when it does, the fatality rate is low. So let’s eliminate another piece of the libtard conspiracy to turn us into passive sheep.

    • Iggy says:

      I agree, tho probably not via the same reasoning.

  2. SN says:

    What are they rated at?
    Otherwise it’s another feel good measure by management.

  3. E. says:

    DOD COVID-19 Cumulative Totals

    Cases Hospitalized Recovered Deaths

    Military: 47,658 627 32,545 8
    Civilian: 10,751 451 7,015 60
    Dependents: 6,377 133 4,537 7
    Contractor: 4,481 186 3,082 23
    Total: 69,267 1,397 47,179 98

    As of 0600, Oct. 7, 2020

    Army: 17,803

    Marine Corps: 5,942

    Navy: 10,585

    Air Force: 7,407

    National Guard: 5,566

    DOD Agencies: 355


    Facts and “science”, google or research Sweden and see how they have accomplished Herd-Immunity, something the leftist/Media/Commie-crats and the WHO/CDC won’t even mention!

    Yes, our DoD is full of PUSSIES at the highest ranks and keeps breeding them as well!

    • Bob says:

      The highest number of confirmed coronavirus (COVID-19) deaths in the Nordic countries as of October 6, 2020 was in Sweden, where the number amounted to 5,892. Denmark followed with 663 corona-related deaths, Finland with 346, and Norway with 275.
      Sweden was also the Nordic country with the highest number of people confirmed infected with the coronavirus, reaching a total of 96,677 cases as of October 6, 2020. More statistics and facts about the virus are available here.


      • GK says:

        Yeah and now compare those numbers to New York and a whole suite of other states like PA who had vastly more cases by proportion and went hard lockdown, also those numbers are all going to come out far lower after the dust settles, as it’s already beginning to show in places that are re-examining the true toll of this unprecedented non ‘event’.

        • Bob says:

          Do you think New York and Pennsylvania would have been better if they had not locked down?

  4. Papa6 says:

    These can’t be the army mandated mask, there’s no reflective Army emblems on them.

    A soldier wearing this mask and a PT belt will be next to invincible!