Safariland 7TS Series Holsters for Red Dot Optics Now Available for SIG SAUER Handguns

ONTARIO, California – Safariland®, a brand of The Safariland Group, today announced its popular 7TS™ RDS models, specifically designed to fit and protect handguns with red dot optics and rail-mounted lights, are now available for SIG SAUER handguns. These new fits are offered in duty, tactical and concealment models and are available for the SIG SAUER P320RX, X-Five/Full Size/V-TAC/M17, M18/X-Carry and X-Compact.

“Red dot optics have become a reliable way to speed up target acquisition,” said James Dawson, duty gear category director for Safariland. “We’ve seen a surge in demand for our current 7TS RDS holsters and are pleased to add the SIG options to the line-up. These new models will open up options for SIG owners.”

Safariland builds its 7TS RDS holsters from SafariSeven™, a proprietary DuPont nylon blend. SafariSeven allows for precision manufacturing and retains exceptional durability, even in temperature extremes. These holsters perform reliably and are practically impervious to the elements. 7TS holsters require little maintenance and are easy to keep looking good. Best of all, SafariSeven is completely non-abrasive and won’t add wear to firearm finishes.

Unlike most red dot holsters, 7TS RDS models are equipped with ALS® locking retention and protection for the optic. The protective hood that shields the red dot optic pivots automatically when the user releases the ALS retention lever via the thumb as they draw. When the user reholsters, the handgun is automatically secured in the holster and the user can then rotate the protective hood back into place, covering the red dot.

These new 7TS RDS model variations are currently available:
– Duty: 7360RDS, 7362RDS, 7365RDS, 7390RDS, 7392RDS, 7395RDS
– Tactical: 7304RDS, 7305RDS, 7354RDS, 7355RDS, 7384RDS, 7385RDS
– Concealment: 7367RDS, 7376RDS, 7377RDS, 7378RDS, 7379RDS

Each of the new holsters are equipped for the SIG SAUER Romeo1 and Romeo1Pro, Vortex Viper or Venom, Trijicon RMR, Trijicon SRO, Dr. Optic, Leupold Deltapoint Pro, or Burris Fastfire. In addition, holster fits are available to accommodate the Streamlight TLR-7, Surefire XC-1, XC-2, Nightstick TCM 550, or Inforce APLc.

6 Responses to “Safariland 7TS Series Holsters for Red Dot Optics Now Available for SIG SAUER Handguns”

  1. Db says:

    X5 length?

  2. Justin says:

    How do the 7TS RDS series compare to the 63xx RDS holsters?

    Is it mainly the type of material used? Or is there some other benefit in one verses the other?

  3. Amer-Rican says:

    It’s great to see these are finally available!

  4. Showtime says:

    Ordered one back in July. Still hasn’t shipped.

  5. Scott P says:

    No Surefire X300 compatibility? : (

  6. RobInSanDiego says:

    Will this holster accommodate the full size P320 pistol with the new Streamlight TLR-8 flashlight with laser, mounted underneath? The laser makes it wider than previous TLR lights, and I can’t find a holster to fit the gun and light.