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Smart-Shooter Smash Hopper

SMASH HOPPER is a remote weapons olatfoem which can be used to precisely engaging ground targets. based on the SMART-SHOOTER technology, it offers one shot one hit accuracy, while the operator controls the system from a safe distance.

SMASH HOPPER can be mounted on a standalone deployable tripod, a stationary fixed mast or a light-weight vehicle.

Key Features
-Compact and light-weight
-Automatic scanning and target detection
-Accurate fire capability against ground targets and small UAVs (S-UAV)
-Target handoff capability from other deployed sensors (Sensor-to-Shooter)
-Dual-mode target engagement cycle: Automatic and Manual
-Day / Night capability
-Quick weapon installation
-Ruggedized remote control unit

6 Responses to “Smart-Shooter Smash Hopper”

  1. Ex Coelis says:

    Massive cool. Absolutely LOVE the Remote Control Unit. Ordering two of these for the pending Zombie apocalypse please…

    • BradyBunch says:

      Sorry, Bud… 2 or more units require a monthly subscription, and IT guy on stand-by

  2. Dem says:

    Isn’t that basically the same concept that was used in the movie “Shooter” with Mark Wahlberg?

  3. CapnTroy says:

    Thought I was about to sprawl…

  4. Chris B says:

    Reminds me of the auto sentries from the director’s cut of Aliens