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This Is Happening

During a recent visit to SIG Ammunition in Arkansas, I saw the beginnings of their introduction of centerfire primers.

As many of you know, production of primers in the United States is very limited, so SIG is working to become even more vertically integrated. It will still be quite some time before they are able to make enough primers to keep up with the amount of rounds they are making per day, but they’ve taken the first steps.

4 Responses to “This Is Happening”

  1. James says:

    Good deal, glad to have them here in AR. Now if we can just get that Remington plant in Lonoke straightened up…..

  2. Joe R. says:

    They aren’t the only ones. Some of us OEMs out here aren’t waiting for standard-supply-chain support either. And we sure-as-**** ain’t doing ‘this’ again. Ever.

  3. HSR47 says:


    Did they mean NON-MERCURIC, or am I missing something?