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Introducing CardoMax

If you’re familiar with MATBOCK, you know Sean Matson and Zack Steinbok. Zach and Sean have spent over a decade of building innovative products and companies. CardoMax at first glance looks like another supplement company, but it is not.

CardoMax has used research-backed ingredients to develop their first 3 products. An Energy Intensifier, an Immune Booster and a Recovery Accelerant. All of these products will be single-served liquid supplements which are designed to be mixed with 20oz of your favorite beverage.

Energy Intensifier:

Is a sugar and calorie free liquid energy supplement designed to boost your workout with caffeine & BCAAs. The CardoMAX Energy Intensifier is the perfect addition for your gym bag or a portable packet to take out with you on a long patrol / hike.

Recovery Accelerant:

The Recovery Accelerant is slightly larger than the Energy packet, but is chalk full of all the good stuff like BCAAs, Creatine, Citicoline and other ingredients promoting good health . The dosages of Creatine & Citiocline have been shown to support brain function and help people with mild TBI.

Immune Booster:

Using natural flavoring, the CardoMAX immune booster packets include contents known for decades to sustain and build a strong immune system. With additional clean ingredients, the Immune Booster will help increase endurance and blood flow.

Zach and Sean said “NEW COMPANY! NEW INDUSTRY! NEW & IMPROVED PRODUCTS! SAME TRUSTED FOUNDERS! Engage with us today and be one of the first for free samples and new products before it hits the market.”

Lastly, they are offering 1000 FREE samples (S&H not included). Click here if you want to get your name on the list:

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