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UPDATE – Frank Woods – Belt Set Up

Since I’ve been asked about my belt setup a few times recently, and I needed to take new pictures of my belt as it’s currently set up anyway, here’s what I use:

– Emdom MM CM Belt

— Emdom MM CM Belt pads (Left & Right)

— First Spear AGB point pad (Center)

– Safariland 6305RDS ALS/SLS

— Glock 34 Gen 5 MOS/RMR, Ranger Green variety

– S&S Precision Holster Extender w/ GRT adjustable ride height mount

– Dark Angel Slim Gen 2 IFAK

– HSGI leg rig, blank MOLLE platform

— Tyr Tactical Combat Adjustable Pouches

— 2x Rifle, 3x Pistol

– Blue Force Gear Ten Speed Dump Pouch

This setup retains pistol, IFAK, and consistent point of reload regardless of which torso worn LBE is being used, if any. The Tyr Tactical pouches are like a better version of the TACO, and accommodate 5.56 & 7.62 sized mags easily, while offering additional retention between both the bungees and the interior surface of the pouches not being slick smooth plastic.

The belt itself is lined with PALS webbing, which allows for pouch attachment without a big thick padded sleeve. The belt pads, while making the belt fit tighter, add a friction lock of sorts that prevents the belt from rotating while I’m wearing it.

Though the S&S adjustable ride height holster mount hasn’t given me a problem, and helps when going from sitting to standing/walking, I’ve been seriously considering switching over to the True North Concepts, LLC MHA if it means I can:

1.) Delete the forward cant and situate the holster straight up and down.

2.) Using a leg strap would provide for the holster staying secure against my leg and not pulling outward and away from my leg while trying to draw the pistol. That’s always annoying.

I upgraded/replaced the dragon whatever buckle that comes with the Emdom MM CM belt with a 2″ aluminum cobra buckle from Milspec Monkey.

Leg rig allows me to spread the load and distribute the weight and not have it all concentrated at/on my belt line. I do that shit at work as mandated by policy, I’m not a huge fan. Reloads are located where my hand naturally falls at my side.

UPDATE – 23 March, 2021

Since this article was posted, I have modified my HSGI leg rig so that it would stop sagging and tilting outwards/away from my body under the weight of the loaded magazines, due to the slack in the straps.

I’ll walk you guys through it in case you wanna do it on your own.

This modification took some minor effort to make it work, but nothing difficult and nothing permanent. The end result is that the leg rig rides much higher and conforms to my leg without sagging or tilting away, much to my satisfaction.

First I unclipped the buckles and took the leg rig off the belt, then I removed the male end buckles and the straps they were sewn into from the belt.

Then I got a good grip on the female end buckles attached to the leg rig itself (they’re attached via velcro, just give em a decent yank and they’ll come off,) and set them aside.

I put the QASM buckle loops (2″ variety) onto my belt and looped their straps through the PALS webbing on the inside of the belt.

Then I took the male end buckle loops, and slipped them through the PALS webbing on the leg rig upside down, reversed from their original orientation. Now the buckles are facing up, and the tri-glide is keeping them locked into the PALS webbing.

Ideally, I’d like to find male end buckles sewn into hook side velcro backed nylon straps, not unlike the female side buckles that come with the leg rig initially that I took off. Maybe I can send the ones I have to someone that can modify them.

Otherwise, tying a knot in the excess nylon strap under the tri-glide will keep it from pulling through the tri-glide under tension while it’s clipped in. Honestly though, the leg strap itself keeps enough tension on my leg to keep the rig from moving up and down.

After it’s all said and done, clip the newly located male end buckles on the leg rig into the QASM buckles on the belt, put it on, fasten the leg strap, and marvel at the new height and non-droopy stature of your leg rig platform.

Go forth and slay.

17 Responses to “UPDATE – Frank Woods – Belt Set Up”

  1. Jack says:

    I don’t know Frank Woods or what he does for a living. What is the mission profile or duty position context for this belt?

  2. Qwerty says:

    Thanks Frank thats very helpful

  3. DI says:

    I don’t know Frank Woods, but hate running anything on my leg. I can’t run or get through tight spaces with a leg rig. Prefer to run everything on my belt or chest/plate carrier rig.

  4. Jack Griffin says:

    We all remember the two days on that one deployment we wore a leg rig.

    Then we fixed it.

    • Snake Plissken says:

      It rides high, which is why it’s only got one strap. It’s not like the two strap leg rigs that are down at your knee.

    • Sunny says:

      Im mostly with you – but actualy many police units prefer them. If you work alot in confident spaces and prone, it grants your more flexibility. But I cant get myself to try it again and give it a different shot…

    • Meatloaf says:

      Jack, my guess is that Frank Woods probably doesn’t wear this belt during a lot of training requiring mobility or movement. Thigh rigs aren’t very good in those circumstances.

      • Snake Plissken says:

        You guessed wrong then. That leg rig has been used in a wide variety of training that required movement and mobility over the years, and hasn’t been a hindrance at all in those circumstances and conditions. You can not like it, you can not use it, but that’s really as far as it goes. Speak for yourself. Also, it rides too high to really consider it a thigh rig. If you’re talking about the older stuff that hangs down by one’s knee, then yeah I could understand your sentiments towards them.

    • James says:

      We’re all a little different, and have different concerns- short torsos, long torsos, pear shaped,shaped like a potato on two toothpicks ,just a toothpick,have specific gear that interferes, ape arms……. Fix it so it works for you, what you like ,and what you do.

  5. Davy Crockett says:

    Google says Frank Woods is a Call of Duty character?

  6. Leland says:

    I have the same issue with the ALS. It’s a mid ride so what’s with the forward cant. Though a Hardcore Australia pig sticker on that rig and you’re good. Not a fan of leg straps. I do a lot of shooting in shorts and flip flops and it ruins the overall look.

  7. Elisa Ruth says:

    Tanks a lot buddy very helpful.