MOD-X9 Suppressor Now Available from SIG SAUER

The MOD-X9 Suppressor from SIG SAUER is a Segmented Titanium 3D Printed design in 9mm.

It’s the first in their new line of pistol suppressors featuring modular and configurable titanium baffles. The MOD-X9 can be easily disassembled and reconfigured with fewer baffles, when your priority is size over sound.

It includes 1/2×28 and M13.5x1LH Pistons as well as a Fixed Barrel Spacer for use with Carbines.

Fully assembled it is 7.5 in long and weighs 8 oz.

Here’s their press release:

NEWINGTON, N.H., (December 2, 2020) – SIG SAUER, Inc. is pleased to introduce the MOD-X9 Pistol Suppressor.  The MOD-X9 is the first release of SIG SAUER’s modular line of pistol suppressors made of titanium baffles for the ultimate in lightweight strength and performance that allows the user to personalize their suppressor for overall length, weight, and sound. 

“SIG SAUER was the first to innovate and design the first truly modular pistol with the P320, and we’re now excited to bring new, innovative modularity to our line of suppressors with the MOD-X series of suppressors,” began Tom Taylor, Chief Marketing Officer and Executive Vice President, Commercial Sales, SIG SAUER, Inc.  “The MOD-X9 is designed for 9mm pistols and rifles, is easily configurable allowing the user to choose the amount of baffles to optimize sound, length, and weight.” 

The SIG SAUER MOD-X9 Suppressor is comprised of seven, 3D-printed titanium baffles and an encapsulator with 21-points of impact adjustment.  The length is adjustable from 3.25 inches to 7.5 inches, the weight is adjustable from 5 ounces to 8 ounces, and the sound is adjustable from 127.4dB to 145.3dB.  The suppressor is easily, user-configurable and comes with two pistons, disassembly tools, ½ x 28 and 13.1 pistons, and a fixed-barrel spacer and includes the most popular inch and metric position for its given caliber.

“This is an exciting addition to our line of suppressors because it’s the first product launch of brand-new innovation in suppressors and moves past the traditional baffle design currently in the market.  Once again SIG has raised the bar with the groundbreaking technology we engineer into our designs, and you can expect to see a full line of suppressors from SIG with this new technology in 2021 for all calibers,” concluded Taylor.

MOD-X9 Suppressor Specs:

Overall Weight: 8oz.

Overall Length: 7.5in.

Overall Width: 1.35in.

dB Average: 129dB (147gr 9mm)

Caliber: 9mm

Finish: Black DLC

Baffle Material: Titanium

Mount: 1/2×28 and m13x1xLH Pistons

The SIG SAUER MOD-X9 Suppressor is now available for purchase at retail stores.  For more information about the SIG SAUER MODX-9 Suppressor or the full line of SIG SAUER Suppressors visit  

14 Responses to “MOD-X9 Suppressor Now Available from SIG SAUER”

  1. Vic says:

    Apparently 2020 is the year of the (copy)cat…. good job Sig. I think we’re all happy to see that you once again knocked off a Q design. Hopefully you guys put more effort into this modular can than you did the Cross.

    For those out of the loop Kevin, Ethan and the crew at Q have been working on the original version of this for a while. Sig apparently beat them to the punch… at this point they might as well hire Q to just do product design and development for them.

    Don’t get me wrong, it’s really impressive to see the big guys chase the small guys, but I’ll still go with (original) innovation and pass on the imitation.

    • Steve Phillips says:

      The above guy, Vic, is very wrong. There is a SIG video on YouTube from before Q even existed which clearly shows a SIG employee working on the SIG design of the thread together baffle silencer. It is an indisputable fact is that it was originally a SIG project and the video proof of that is plain as day. See this video at 0:53 and 3:03:

      No one’s chasing Q at all.

      • Vic says:

        Steve, you do realize those Sig employees are now the owners of Q I was referring to right? I’m totally cool with being wrong but you kind of just proved my point for me.

        • Rob says:

          So they used Sig money while working at Sig to developed a product and you believe they, rather than Sig, have the legitimate claim?

          • Vic says:

            I’m not even going to get into a conversation about IPs and the legalities concerning such things as that is well outside my lane. My original point is still valid. Sig didn’t see a need to peruse either the cross or or the Mod X until Q had success with both the Fix and the erector series. For a company like Sig (that has actually has a done some amazing things) it comes across as petty to copy products produced by smaller companies. Even if they were former employees.

            • Steve Phillips says:

              You’ve clearly been outside your lane from the outset on all facets, and you have been definitively proven to be completely wrong by actual video evidence.

      • Matt Vanourney says:

        So I looked at the video at your listed time stamps. There is no indicator from the video of threaded together baffles. Also I have gone through both Sig and Q’s patents to the best of my ability. Sig has no patent resembling the erector or even new modx9 that is listed. Q on the other hand has an approved patent from 2018. If sig really had the original IP why would they not file the patent?

        • Steve Phillips says:

          Look closer at the computer screen then, it is very obvious, especially the earlier timestamp. 0:53 clearly shows the model of the stack of baffles cut in half, solid, the over laps, and the threads and the later time stamp clearly shows the overlapping structure at two diameters. Maybe it’d help you understand what you’re looking at to look at the shadow behind the model too.

          SIG didn’t file a patent on any of it because none of it is patentable. As the other guy said before, Heckler & Koch’s patent on it from 1992 and silencers from Schultz & Larsen and Nielsen make it all unpatentable because it’s all prior art that was done years and years before.

    • original says:

      Ah yes, Kevin – the guy who left SIG in 2016…

  2. greg stone says:

    yah way to bite off the back of Q and the erector series

  3. Mud says:

    Do you know they did not license it from Q?

    • Rob says:

      Did Q get a patent for adding wrench flats or something? The original patent for a thread together baffle silencer was issued to HK and is long expired.

  4. QuietM4 says:

    That’s going to be a fun burn pattern on your hand when you accidentally grab it after a few mag dumps…

    • Papa6 says:

      That’s what I was thinking too.

      Soon we’re gonna see this pattern as “cool-guy” tattoos . . .