PIG FDT Alpha+ & Delta+ Gloves from SKD Tactical

SKD Tactical has launched new gloves, the PIG FDT Alpha+ & Delta+ which offer premium leather palms (like the Alpha FR & Delta FR).

Bridging the gap between the popular PIG FDT Delta Gloves and the PIG FDT Delta FR Glove, the PIG FDT Delta+ combines the affordability of the Delta with the all-leather palm of the Delta FR model.

The new PIG FDT Alpha+ combines the affordability of the Alpha with the all-leather palm of the Alpha FR model.

3 Responses to “PIG FDT Alpha+ & Delta+ Gloves from SKD Tactical”

  1. Ed says:

    Still have the same pair from the first intro! IMHO, the best glove I ever used. Only recently the stitching on the back of the knuckle pad started separating. When we would get issued Mechanix gloves they would be trashed within six months. OR is close second to Pig but not the best! 🙂

    • lcpl0420 says:

      Interesting Ed. I am glad you like them. Plenty of people say they are great but I have never had a pair last me longer than a month. The finger seams are usually the first to go, then the rest of the glove falls apart.

  2. jjj0309 says:

    My only gripe is that they’re still using black fabric/leather for palm and knuckles, for all color variations. I’m not sure why, but it would be probably because of material they’re using is limited. I’d like to see PIG gloves to use matching palm and knuckles colors someday. Multicam/Black seem to be not matching well.