Gatorz Eyewear – Stark

Inspired by classic aviator glasses, the Stark is the latest from Gatorz Eyewear. The Stark features an aluminum frame with adjustable Frame and Nosepiece.

There are several lens colors offered. ANSI Z87+ certified styles are available.

Made in USA.

One Response to “Gatorz Eyewear – Stark”

  1. Tomcat_AL200 says:

    I love my Gatorz Magnums, while not as good as traditional aviators in the cockpit, they do in a pinch, so I was excited to see their take on Aviators. But only offering them in polarized in a real WTF moment, as that renders them useless to pilots.
    I’d love to see them with Gold or FDE Cerakote frames with G15 NON-polarized lenses, like a hard core, modernized version of the NAVAIR issue RE and AO Aviators.