Brigantes Presents – Coptrz Webinar Response

Coptrz are drone specialists who provide end to end solution, including training, hardware, consultancy and on-going support. Born from a commercial background, Brigantes began working with Coptrz, adapting the software and capability in the Parrot Anafi Thermal drone. However, what could be done with this drone in terms of military security was limited.

Step forth, the Parrot Anafi USA. Originally designed for the US Army, and manufactured in Massachusetts, it is considered a big jump up in capability from the Thermal.

But how does this drone relate to today’s military user?

Coptrz produced a drone Webinar for the military and the commercial user. Here Matt Williams, MD at Brigantes, gives feedback on the features of the Anafi USA and how these features can greatly benefit the guys on the ground.

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