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Volquartsen Firearms Partners With Davidson’s On Exclusive Pistol Release

Carroll, IA – Volquartsen Firearms, an industry leader in precision rimfire firearms manufacturing, has partnered with Davidsons, one of the nation’s largest firearm distributors, to release their new Mini Mamba 22 LR pistol.

The Mini Mamba is the lightest, most compact Black Mamba configuration currently offered. It features an overall length under 8″ and weighs only 1 lb 9 oz

“Our relationship with Davidson’s goes back nearly 3 decades so it’s always gratifying to be able to collaborate with them on an exclusive addition to their product line up,” commented Volquartsen President, Scott Volquartsen.

Competition ready in a push-button takedown configuration. Nothing strikes with the speed and agility of the Black Mamba.

The Black Mamba combines features from the Volquartsen Scorpion 22 LR Target Pistol along with the push-button takedown functionality of the Ruger® MK IV™ frame.

The Mini Mamba has a 3″ LLV-4 Competition Upper. This upper features a stainless steel barrel (with stainless steel, laser hardened breech) housed in an aluminum shroud. This design provides match grade accuracy in a lightweight package. An integral Picatinny rail on top is standard.

So, whether shooting suppressed (its overall length makes a great suppressor host), plinking on the range, or looking for something a little lighter for competition – the Mini Mamba is designed to perform.

The Mini Mamba features include:
• A ½ x 28 threaded stainless steel 3” barrel with stainless steel laser-hardened breech within a type III hard anodized aluminum shroud
• Volquartsen Accurizing Kit for a 2.25 lb trigger pull
• DLC coated Volquartsen Competition Bolt
• Volquartsen Thread Protector
• Utilizes the Volquartsen 3″ LLV-4 Upper
• Available with a Ruger ® MK IV™ 22/45™ frame for push-button takedown capability

The Mini Mamba will be available exclusively through Davidson’s Gallery of Guns.

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3 Responses to “Volquartsen Firearms Partners With Davidson’s On Exclusive Pistol Release”

  1. WhiskeyTango says:

    Big fan of Volquartsen firearms, despite the reduced velocity from the 3” barrel, this mini-Mamba looks like hoot to shoot.

  2. Mark Harris says:

    Interested in purchasing a mini maunda 22 pistol.

  3. Mark Harris says:

    Would like to purchase mamba with Mark IV frame. Please advise how to do this.