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TEKNA Survival Box

You couldn’t have grown up as a kid in the 1980s without coveting one of Tekna’s knives or lights. They made a resurgence a few years ago and are offering their staples as well as few other item like this Survival Box.

This 36-piece emergency survival kit offers over 50 functions. With it, you can catch and prepare food, start a fire, find your way, signal for help and much more.


• Water and shock resistant polymer case with lanyard, + room for addtional items. Can be used as a solar snow melter, or scoop.

• Splash Lite LED lithium diving flashlight with 20-yr shelf life, battery included. Lens can be used as magnifier.

• 17 piece fishing tackle: hooks, swivels, fly, weights, 40’ of 40 lb braided fishing line. Use hook & line for sewing, Line for lashing, lacing.

• 11 Function Stainless Steel Multi-tool with can opener, knife, screwdriver, ruler, bottle cap opener, 4 position wrench, oxygen valve wrench, saw blade, compass overlay, 2 position wrench, and a lanyard/keyring hole.

• Signal mirror (stainless) with sight

• Small animal snare (stainless)

• Spearhead / Arrowhead (stainless)

• Liquid filled Compass with lanyard groove (Use fishing line)

• Magnesium fire starter stick

• Ceramic knife sharpener rod

• Foam pad can be used for fishing float, or bathing sponge

• Nail for making holes, & 2 Safety pins

• A LOKSAK brand bag for water storage, FDA Approved Medical Grade Materials

• Survival guide fan card (10 pages). The most important part!

• Marine signal whistle with clip

Complies with the “Buy American Act”, meaning it may contain imported components.


3 Responses to “TEKNA Survival Box”

  1. chris says:

    Yes! Tacticool before it was a thing. I had one of their little keychain knives I carried in my wallet.

  2. AbnMedOps says:

    I had wondered whatever became of Tekna, they had some different thinking and interesting items. Way back then, Soldier of Fortune interviewed the founder of Tekna. IIRC, as a young man he escaped from Communist Eastern Europe using a homemade, battery powered, scuba diver propulsion device.

  3. Papa6 says:

    Bought a Tekna dive knife (the stainless steel one with the plastic dive sheath). Carried it for years in AD. Leant it to a friend for a trip he was going on and he lost it. Man, miss that knife. I might just have to get one of the new ones.