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Milliken Agilus MTP Protective Fabric

Ultra-Flexible. Remarkably Agile. All-in-one Protective Fabric.

A breakthrough in flexible knife resistant material, Agilus® MTP provides a new level of customizable, multi-threat protective defense. The patented coating technology on p-aramid fabrics actively slows and resists the penetration of knife, spike and ballistic threats.

• Achieve protection without restricting speed or ability to bend and move
• Enhanced comfort, flexibility and ease of movement makes vests more wearable
• Allows p-aramid fabrics to achieve knife and spike resistance while maintaining ballistic protection
• Material is coated on one side, and available in rolled form to optimize ease of handling and manufacturing
• Can readily hybridize with other materials for desired level of threat protection
• Tumble testing per NIJ 0101.06, Section 5 passes stab testing after 10,000 cycles

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