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SCUBAPRO Sunday – The Frameless Mask

SCUBAPRO’s FRAMELESS mask is diving’s original frameless mask. The Frameless was the first mask to use the lens as its structural support, which significantly increased the field of vision for divers. Over twenty years later, it is still the first choice for military and technical divers worldwide.

Its distinctive rectangular single-lens shape is classic, providing an excellent field of view on the periphery as well as straight ahead. By eliminating the frame, you create a mask that sits closer to your eyes. This provides a broader field of view to better take in the underwater sights, plus it reduces volume, which makes it easier to clear. Since there is no frame, the buckles attach to flexible tabs on the skirt; this optimizes strap angle when dialing in the fit. This also enables the mask to fold relatively flat for packing; it will even sit well into a cargo pocket or a pouch. The soft silicone skirt on the Frameless is comfortable yet durable, and the double-edge seal that helps to give you a great fit. The push-button buckle system is easy to use and allows for quick adjustments. Buckles attach to flexible tabs on the skirt; this optimizes strap angle when dialing in fit. The wide headband spreads the load on the back of the head, greatly enhancing comfort.

SCUBAPRO has a family of Frameless masks, it’s a small family, but nevertheless, it is. There are three Frameless masks. First is the original mask; you can tell these because the mask has a little bit of a shine to the silicon skirt, and it is available in three different colors, Black, Green, and White. The Frameless Gorilla is a little bigger (not by much), and it comes in a flat black color. Last is the mini frameless. This one doesn’t look like the other ones, but it has frameless in its name, so it’s in the family.

SCUBAPRO is always trying to innovate for the working divers and set the standard for new gear. With this in mind, they came up with an adapter for the Frameless and Frameless Gorilla mask that allows them to use the SCUBAPRO comfort strap (QR kit Part Number 24.340.039). It can be added to existing masks and enable the user to add several new features to one of the most iconic masks ever made. SCUBAPRO’s comfort straps are basically like ski goggle straps for dive masks. SCUBAPRO was the first company to come out with the comfort strap idea, and they wanted the frameless masks to be able to use them also. There are a few benefits to using the comfort strap. First, it is a lot less likely to break mid-dive as it is a nylon strap; all rubber and silicone will break down after time. Most of the time, it is at the beginning of a dive or when you are putting your mask on.

The other thing this does is takes all the medal away from the mask, making it non-magnetic, so for EOD use or any other time; you might need a non-magnetic mask. Lastly, it allows you to use the SCUBAPRO Odin mask strap; this enables you to attach your mask directly to your helmet by connecting it to the Ops-Core ARC Rail and the Team Wendy rail. The Odin straps are perfect when you have to wear a helmet when diving or in the water. Like using a DPV, Wearing Jet-boots, Search and Rescue Operations, or working in Fast Moving Water. The Comfort Strap is similar to a ski goggle strap in design. It clips right into the mask buckle adapter and offers a wide adjustment range.

SCUBAPRO wanted a way for the Frameless mask to work with their latest dive computer, the Galileo HUD. There is a Frameless mask that has a hole added before it is tempered. This allows them to add a mount for it can be used with the HUD. We have new accessories for the classic Frameless mask. The latest version of the Frameless is available with an integrated HUD Arm that allows you to mount the SCUBAPRO HUD hands-free dive compute.

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