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FROG.PRO, Fast Growth and New Website

FROG.PRO, Italian leader in the MILITARY / LAW ENFORCEMENTS and ADVENTURE industry, goes forward in its growth path by closing 2020 with a significant increase in share on the sector’s international market and an interesting awakening of the internal market.

During the year, the company also saw an important increase in its managerial know-how, with some strategic entries in regards of seniority and knowledge:

– Fabio Ragni – Senior International Executive in the General Management area,

– Marco Alberini, Senior Digital Manager, in the digital area

– Matteo Cortesi to manage the new B2B and B2C Customer Service path;

a multigenerational team of selected professionals, with extensive experience both national and international, selected by the CEO and Founder of FROG.PRO Fabio Casali to contribute to the growth and consolidation of corporate objectives over the next three years, with the aim of getting FROG.PRO to be even more recognized as the Brand Leader in the sector and with a growth objective of 5x over the next three years.

To support this growth, corporate and financial transactions capable of supporting such development for the next few years are currently being studied.

One of the first operations carried out, in this early 2021 to the market, is the launch of the new e-commerce platform of the company

The new website, captivating, rich in content, totally renewed in graphics and colors, is highly intuitive and quick to consult with the aim of guaranteeing a better browsing experience for the user. Attention to detail, as well as innovation and reliability of materials, have always been primary characteristics of FROG.PRO and this attitude is reflected in the new portal that offers high-impact images, specially combined with high quality descriptive content.

The goal of the new “business card” for the web is to give a clear overview of the company’s identity and operations in just a few steps, highlighting to the user, from the home page already , what are the advantages of choosing a product of high added value.

A series of new products, studied and designed to satisfy the needs of a constantly evolving market in an ever more complete way, are positioned as framework.

FROG.PRO continues to surprise.

Surprise with the continuous search for perfection, both in the field of experimentation and in the use of superior quality raw materials.

Among the new products presented, these stand out:

– Defender Combat Kit

– MRCR Light Patrol Kit

– Evolution Headset Cover

all are products that go alongside the leading items of the 2021 catalog, such as the COBRA Operator Belt and the SFD Responder 2.0, already milestones of the market.

Particular attention should be paid to the new RESCUE line, dedicated to the Search and Rescue market in several scenarios and brought to its fullest potential in the new R+ MRTB SAR Kit.

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