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Space Force Insignia Survey

According to the popular Facebook group Air Force amn/nco/snco US Space Force is crowd sourcing rank insignia for their Enlisted Guardians via an online survey of its members.

As you may recall, the rank names were designated in late January. Now, it’s insignia.

Personally, I prefer the third choice with its throwback to 19th century rank but with the Space Force Delta.

9 Responses to “Space Force Insignia Survey”

  1. Horshack says:

    Brothers! Are team has no rank in the stack but were considering adopting this so after breech we know how to hit the next door! My TL likes the big rank and said he smoked a squad during Saudi that musta been cornonells or maybe a team of generals wearjng similar! How else do we stack without rank? My ATL wants rank that glows so if its dark we can IFF to!

  2. James says:

    Agree with the third. Fourth looks like ROTC cadet chevrons, and first is just a little over the top.

  3. Mike says:

    2 or 4. Being Space Force, having rank that points downward seems dumb.

    • Unimog says:

      What goes up…. Must come down…

      Mortarus Ch11c: vers 81mm

    • Tim says:

      Mike, I was leaning towards #3 like other but you have a valid point. I think #4 would be the best but playing devil’s advocate, maybe the downward pointing represents thrust to achieve orbit?

  4. SGT Rock says:

    Until the Warrant Officer Corps is recognized, then no one cares.

    • PepperPhD says:

      Yes… Prove the Space Force is a truly independent service and bring back warrant officers. You’re are going to thank us.

  5. Sommerbiwak says:

    Actually I like the first one, but without the additional spear tip. That is just too much. Maybe use the additional tip for a command sarge maj or something like that, but on each and every insignia it is too much. And hexagons are bestagons! 😉

    Third one also has something going for it. Maybe make the chevrons into a wing shape taking from the USAF heritage, but at the same time distinct.