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5.11’s MultiCam “Commando” Kilt Is Back

What started out years ago as an April Fool’s Day gag has turned into a perennial favorite from 5.11 Tactical.

Why is it called a Commando Kilt? Simple, it’s how you roll underneath.

Made from their durable 65% polyester/ 35% cotton Fast-Tac ripstop fabric, the kiot features a comfort waist, 4 pockets (2 hand and 2 cargo) and Badge tab d-rings at front belt loops.

Offered in MultiCam, waist sizes 28-50. Those of you who will guffaw at the larger waist sizes have obviously never been to a Highland Games.


7 Responses to “5.11’s MultiCam “Commando” Kilt Is Back”

  1. Captain Canuck says:

    Waiting to see these tactical kewl kilts being worn by the Lads and Lasses of the British and Canadian Highland Regiments for a sense of ha ha!

  2. Joe says:

    Honestly, if you dont have a tartan pattern on your kilt, you just look like a crossdresser

  3. Iggy says:

    Doesn’t have any velcro.

  4. ferris209 says:

    It’s a skirt. I’ll argue that forever.