UF PRO Guide to SOF Assessment & Selection

UF PRO Video Series Shows How to Prepare for Grueling Military Special-Forces Selection Process; Available 30 March

TRZIN, SLOVENIA (28 March 2021)—How to prepare for and successfully complete the process by which members of elite military special-forces units are selected is the subject of a four-part video series slated to debut this month, tactical gear-maker UF PRO today announced.

The series—”UF PRO Pro’s Guide to SF Selection & Assessment”—will be available at UF PRO’s website beginning Tuesday, 30 March.

The vetting process is extreme, routinely pushing candidates to the brink of mental and physical exhaustion. Statistically, nearly half of all applicants fail, the company noted.

Featured in the video series is advice for preparing to successfully complete the SF selection process. Shown are realistic, science-based steps designed to foster the drive and determination necessary to keep pushing on when the body and brain want to quit.

The series is hosted by Michael (Mike) Strauch, an army reserve officer from Germany who holds a university degree in psychology. Mike has served as a security contractor in various Middle Eastern and African hot spots. Additionally, he has lent his clinical expertise to medical teams from the U.S. and Europe.

Part One of “Pro’s Guide to SF Selection & Assessment” is titled “Gather Intel & Mental Preparation”. The episode serves as an overview of the special-forces selection process. Questions asked and answered include: what is the goal of the selection process; what will be evaluated; what kind of information does a candidate need in order best prepare; where does one obtain such information; and how does one mentally prepare for selection?

Part Two is “Physical Preparation: Principles and Overall Concept”. In this installment, viewers will be walked through several possible options for developing physical readiness to undergo the SF selection process.

“Physical Preparation: Techniques” is the title of Part Three, which supplies detailed explanations and demonstrations of the correct techniques for performing the most important exercises. The episode emphasizes that the exercises must be properly executed in order to derive maximum benefit in relation to the SF selection process.

The fourth and final episode—”Physical Preparation: Training Plan”—lays out a detailed roadmap to take viewers from fit to hyper-fit ahead of the formal start of the SF selection process.

UF PRO manufactures advanced-technology jackets, shirts, pants, hats, caps, and accessories for military and law-enforcement units in Europe and beyond.

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