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2021 SOC-F Sporting Clays Fundraiser

I attended the 2021 Special Operations Care Fund Sporting Clays Fundraiser. I ran into a whole slew of friends including Ivan who runs Kitbadger. He created a video and I asked if I could share it.

SOC-F is a non-profit which supports current and former SOF Personnel and their Families through targeted, novel medical treatment, addiction recovery, intensive marital counseling and a Gold-Star Kids Camp.

With all of their board serving as volunteers and no overhead, SOC-F is the most effective charitable organization we have been worked with and at the top of our donation list each year.

One Response to “2021 SOC-F Sporting Clays Fundraiser”

  1. Shteve-Oh! says:

    Thank you Ivan, thank you Eric, and thank you SOC-F! Fantastic organization that puts heart and soul into the mission, and not in a ‘hey look at me’ way. David Kramer is a class act.