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Pre-Orders Open Today for 2021 OTTE Gear x Bawidamann Aloha Pua Shirts

Last year OTTE Gear teamed up with artist Andrew Bawidamann to introduce high quality silk Aloha shirts made in Portugal and decorated with a unique pattern inspired by Vietnam-era tigerstripe camouflage.

This year, they pay hommage to World War Two’s Pacific Theater and the herculean task of the island hopping campaign with Aloah Pua.

There will be three color options. The first two are just like the iconic reversible Marine Corps pattern from World War Two: Greenside Out or Brownside Out and are called respectively Honu Jungle and Honu Beach.

As I mentioned earlier, there will also be a third, very limited run colorway which is blue-based and honors the Navy’s contribution to the fight.

Regardless of colors, you’re going to find some great details embedded in the pattern.

Pre-orders open at 3:00 PM Eastern at

Expect delivery by Mid-May.

6 Responses to “Pre-Orders Open Today for 2021 OTTE Gear x Bawidamann Aloha Pua Shirts”

  1. Joe says:

    I’m really liking the Jungle.

    And the BAR.

  2. Joe says:

    The Jungle is really nice.

    Like the BAR in the pattern.

  3. Sasquatch says:

    With current events, this is good timing on a Boog-type shirt.

  4. GMK says:

    Ka-bars & chrysanthemums. Nice.

  5. larry says:

    Glad to hear in the video on their site that this is made of cotton. I have seen some Aloha shirts that are polyester, which sucks in the warm weather these are designed for.

    • Sommerbiwak says:

      100% cotton is no guarantee of comfort. I have an aloha shirt in the classic red with white flower print, that is made from cotton but sucks when it is too hot. Why? beacuse the cloth is woven in a way to make not breathe. It is really fucking annoying. So it remains to be seen what this cloth woven like.

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