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HJELM – 4th Generation Ballistic Helmet from NFM

NFM initially launched the HJELM at Milipol 2019. Overall, it’s the most revolutionary helmet we’ve seen in quite awhile, introducing multiple new technologies all at once.

These enhancement include the Edgemount Attachment System, Helmet Attachment System Pattern, and a new liner with Koroyd welded tubes which crumple under impact and remain cooler and more breathable thanks to their hollow construction. The new chinstrap is even different, buckling from the rear. And, don’t forget the new Troll Hair camo scrim.


3 Responses to “HJELM – 4th Generation Ballistic Helmet from NFM”

  1. Jeremy P says:

    I’m amazed it took this long for Koroyd to make it into tactical helmets. I love it in my ski and bike helmet. Has definitely saved my noggin a couple times now, for a lot less weight and heat retention.

  2. Colin says:

    These guys know whats up, troll hair, Hall of the Mountain King…

  3. Jacob B says:

    Seeing lots of claims here, but no hard info. Weight of the helmet system, protection offered, etc? Koroyd has lots of applications, but I doubt it’s performance across a number of common tactical helmet tests. That aside this thing looks cool! If you guys would share some hard numbers/specs on the helmet system I bet you would have a line out the door.