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Better The Hunt Beats the Cold with Insulated Shotgun Mitt

Many hunters understand the challenge of hunting in extreme cold weather. Whether it’s a late season duck limit you’re aiming to fill, walking the snow-covered prairie for upland birds, or mother nature simply does her thing and throws you a wet, cold, snowy curveball, hunting in cold weather can be a real challenge. That’s why Better The Hunt set out to help hunters find a new way to fight off the cold. Enjoying late-season hunts without pain or discomfort from the cold is now a possibility for shotgun hunters thanks to the Insulated Shotgun Mitt from Better The Hunt. This innovative product gives shotgun hunters an exciting and effective option for keeping their hands nice and comfortable on those long, cold, late season hunts.

The Insulated Shotgun Mitt takes a new spin on hunter hand comfort. The unique design of this mitt allows for it to install on almost any style or brand of shotgun with ease and will help fight off the bitter cold that often occurs during late season hunting. The Insulated Shotgun Mitt also eliminates the need to fumble around with thick heavy gloves and mittens that would otherwise be needed to keep warm in the Midwest winters. Keep your hands on the firearm, warm, and ready for the shot, and forget about fumbling with gloves. The Insulated Shotgun Mitt stays attached to your shotgun and allows for all day comfort with your bare hand on your weapon for simple, safe shooting.

Born out of a dissatisfaction for cold-weather glove options for hunters, the Insulated Shotgun Mitt, like all Mitts from Better The Hunt, allows a hunter to keep their hand in shooting position on their bow or firearm and maintain warmth and comfort at the same time. Simply slide your bare hand into the mitt and get after that game. Hunt with confidence thanks to unique attachment system that enables you to maintain a firm grip on your weapon without fumbling around with thick, heavy gloves. And for those bitter cold days, activate a hand warmer and place in the convenient pocket to keep even the coldest temps at bay. These innovative features eliminate the need for cold-weather hunters to choose between warmth and maneuverability.


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