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ISOtunes Sport Launches DEFY: Hearing Solution for Sport Shooters

Carmel, IN – ISOtunes®, creator of some of the world’s most innovative outdoor hearing protection, recently announced it has officially entered the shooting sports market with ISOtunes Sport. Continuing its new series of hearing protection for professional shooters, competitors, and hunters, ISOtunes is thrilled to announce another exciting new product: the ISOtunes Sport DEFY. An over-ear, muff-style headset, the ISOtunes Sport DEFY   provides firearm enthusiasts an impressive catalog of innovative features.

A tactical shooter’s dream, the ISOtunes Sport DEFY enhances your hearing by up to 8x while protecting you from high-impact noises in under 2 milliseconds with a 25 NRR. Through its comfortable design and SafeMax Technology™ that limits volume output to 85dB, DEFY guarantees shooter safety, damage-free listening, and all-day performance. Additionally, DEFY features a unique dual-battery design that provides up to 11 hours of use with the rechargeable lithium-ion battery and up to an additional 22 hours with AAA batteries. The noise-isolating microphone allows for clear communication in loud environments.

DEFY’s innovative design allows it to tip the scales at just 15.5 oz, roughly half a pound lighter than other leading tactical earmuffs. With an IPX4 durability rating and a ventilated headband, DEFY delivers both sweat and water resistance and all-day comfort. Environmental awareness, active gunshot noise reduction, Bluetooth connectivity, and a comfortable fit are just a few of the other baseline features of the ISOtunes Sport DEFY.

The next generation of tactical hearing protection is here. Enjoy all-day safety, focus, and  performance from the new ISOtunes Sport DEFY. For more information on the DEFY or any of ISOtunes’ other products, visit www.ISOtunesSport.com.  

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