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OTTE Gear x Bawidamann Aloha Pua Honu 2021 Shirt Pre-Order

With a unique pattern designed by Andrew Bawidamann that is more art than clothing, this year’s Aloha shirt is based on World War Two’s Pacific Theater’s island hopping campaign.

There will be three color options. The first two are just like the iconic reversible Marine Corps pattern from World War Two: Greenside Out or Brownside Out and are called respectively Honu Jungle and Honu Beach. A limited third, Blue variant is also available.

The pre-order period for the OTTE Gear x Bawidamann Aloha Pua Honu 2021 Shirt remains open til end of May, looking to ship early June.

2 Responses to “OTTE Gear x Bawidamann Aloha Pua Honu 2021 Shirt Pre-Order”

  1. Gene says:

    I pre-ordered mine in green. I have the older poppy pattern, and the yellow tiger pattern, and they are great shirts. The two that I already have are of very high quality material. I did go up one size. I occasionally get comments on them. They are fun.

  2. Will Rodriguez says:

    Cool shirt!!!

    FWIW it was actually an Army pattern the Marines made famous.

    It was very briefly worn in the ETO but quickly pulled over concerns GI’s would be confused with Germans who often wore camouflage.

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