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Serket USA Introduces Berry Compliant Graduated Compression Socks

JUPITER, FL, APRIL 22, 2021 —  Serket, builders of intelligent clothing and equipment systems for the military and law enforcement communities, today introduced their Berry Compliant Merino Wool Graduated Compression Socks.

The new socks are part of a full-scale collection that includes PT/athletic, lightweight, mid-weight, and heavy weight offerings. The addition of the Compression Liner makes for a fully customizable layered system that can adapt to a variety of climatic and mission conditions. The Cushioned Graduated Compressions can be worn as a standalone sock in temperate to hot conditions and high-dewpoint environments where quick drying is a must.

Unlike most traditional compression socks with compression ranges of 8-15 mmHG, Serket’s compression socks feature a compression range of 15-20 mmHG, while still maintaining a high percentage of US Merino wool content (averaging 62%), bringing into harmony the benefits of high quality cushioned wool socks and moderate level compression technology.

In addition to the well documented benefits of high quality Merino Wool Socks, Graduated Compression Socks have a variety of benefits for the wearer, including:

  *   Supporting Muscles and Joints: Serket US Merino Wool Graduated Compression (MWGC) Socks can greatly help support the various muscles and joints.

  *   Aids in Recovery: Serket MWGC Socks increase circulation, carrying tired, nutrient-and oxygen-depleted blood cells away from overworked legs and feet and moving nutrient- and oxygen-rich blood cells towards the lower limbs. This works to repair muscles quicker and make them feel more refreshed.

  *   Increases Stamina: Serket MWGC Socks allow for more oxygen to be brought to limbs during strenuous activity, which reduces the need for the body to use lactate as a source of energy.

  *   Boosts Circulation: Serket MWGC Socks boost circulation throughout the body. Although the functionality may focus on the legs, the entire circulatory system is signaled to facilitate better circulation.

Serket’s line of Over-the-Calf US Merino Wool Compression Socks are available in the following models:

  *   Over-the-Calf Merino Wool Graduated Compression Liner – 15-20 mmHG
  *   Over-the Calf Merino Wool Cushioned Graduated Compression – 15-20 mmHG

The new Graduated Compression socks are 100% developed, sourced and made in the United States (Berry Compliant) and are available in Coyote Brown with sizes from small through extra-large.

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  1. Martin says:

    Serket makes GREAT stuff. Can’t wait to get my toes on some of these.