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Running Rhino T-shirt Pre-Order Supports Eco Defense Group

Pre-orders for the MultiCam and Wildlife Special Ops T-shirts featuring Rhino designs support the efforts of Eco Defense Group in their fight against poaching wildlife in Africa.

One Response to “Running Rhino T-shirt Pre-Order Supports Eco Defense Group”

  1. bob says:

    I think the lads from EDGE need to go read the sound advice over at https://www.greydynamics.com/so-you-want-to-be-a-counter-poaching-operator/

    “Wildlife Special Ops”? I’m not sure what’s special about visiting a few parks and taking some photos and teaching some firefighters to slide down a rope, But if that’s how you get your bread and butter, I guess it’s special to you.

    Conservation Law Enforcement is a small world where every cowboy who walks in through the saloon doors gets noticed before they even take a seat at the bar. Especially those selling snake oil and tall tails of their wild adventures, looking for a little financial support.