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Military Exchanges Partner with RangeMe to Streamline American-Made Product Sourcing

SAN FRANCISCO, CA — May 13, 2021 — The Army & Air Force Exchange, Navy Exchange, Marine Corps Exchange, and Coast Guard Exchange are joining forces with RangeMe, the industry standard online product sourcing platform for retailers and suppliers, on a nationwide initiative to source American-made products for their shelves.

This endeavor is part of the ongoing commitment from the exchanges to bring more American-made products into their retail stores while enhancing categories that include pet supplies, PPE, housewares, toys, and more. 

“RangeMe has established strong partnerships with the U.S. military exchanges, and we are thrilled to take this next step with them,” said Nicky Jackson, CEO and Founder of RangeMe. “This enhanced commitment to sourcing American-made products will help further their dedication to providing innovative, quality products to the men and women of the Armed Forces.”

Through RangeMe, the exchanges will easily discover products manufactured in America and meet their consumers’ needs. With more than 175,000 suppliers, RangeMe provides a vast array of brands representing nearly 1 million products that can meet the exchanges’ needs as they deepen their efforts to bring in more American-made products now and in the future.

American-made brands interested in working with the Exchanges can submit their products for review here:

7 Responses to “Military Exchanges Partner with RangeMe to Streamline American-Made Product Sourcing”

  1. Amer-Rican says:

    It’s time we support our fellow Americans by supporting American manufacturing in the gun, knife, and tactical industries.

    First we stop buying from chicom controlled companies like h0l0s0n and 0Lyte.

  2. Steve V says:

    AAFES is already struggling to pull in customers. Adding more expensive ‘Made in the USA’ products is going to give Joe and his family even more reason to shop off-post.

    • Chuck Mac says:

      When we all go back to a universal camo pattern, all of these exchanges will be under one command too. With food courts unable to seat at full capacity, the stores will never benefit from foot traffic. AAFES gets govt help and still can’t compete with private sector. We won’t need your companies’ sales people pitching gear to us either because it will be free, too.

      • Stickman says:

        AAFES would benefit from a foot in the backside to get lower prices on items people will actually buy, to price gas lower regardless of off base gas station complaints, and to tell their employees to get decent attitudes and customer service or get fired.

        • Jeremy says:

          What’s BS about gas is that they factor the tax into the price, even though AAFES doesn’t pay tax. Gas should be significantly cheaper on post.

      • AbnMedOps says:

        No, they already tried to merge AAFES and the Navy/Marine/Coast Guard Exchange systems, in the interest of efficiency and eliminating duplicate jobs. They politicians killed it, because it would “eliminate ‘jobs'”.

        • SSD says:

          Combining the exchanges would be like communism. Everyone would be stuck with AAFES. At least right now you can go to a decent exchange when you visit another service’s base.