TYR Tactical

Adventure Tactical Pathfinder Kit

The new Adventure Tactical Pathfinder Kit contains everything you need to set up a HLZ/DZ. It’s the smallest and lightest DZSO kit on the market.

To carry the system, they selected Raptor Tactical’s new MARVN Pack which is a modernized version of the Vietnam war-era ARVN pack. More details on this pack soon.

3 Responses to “Adventure Tactical Pathfinder Kit”

  1. VictorQuickSixFiveWhiskey says:

    Pathfinder missions? Hmm, I’d be putting together an actual DZSO Kit.

    Nicely done video. Pretty cool improvement from Adventure Lights and Raptor Tactical!

    • Chad Haver says:

      Cool lights!! I love the RAM and the “code letter A” it all looks very familiar. I kind of know the guy who built a COMPLETE REAL DZSO-HLZ-220 kit. Nice job on the pack Tom.

    • John says:

      Looks like a real DZSO Kit to me with more capabilities. I like it.