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Parabellum Prime x Rite in the Rain – All Weather Training Targets

Parabellum Prime is proud to be the distributor in Canada for Rite in the Rain products to Military, Law Enforcement, and Government customers. One of our favourite products from Rite in the Rain is their all-weather printer paper, because of its versatility. To show you one of the many ways you can utilize Rite in the Rain products, we developed a series of targets you can download and print at home.

Watch the accompanying video to learn more about what application each target has been designed for.

Feel free to print these targets at home, they work on regular printer paper, but we strongly recommend you use Rite in the Rain all-weather printer paper for best results and to enjoy a weatherproof target with better rigidity.

Remember to follow all safety protocol at your local range, and when using Rite in the Rain paper, make sure you’re printing using a laser printer.

To learn more, and download yours, visit parabellumprime.com/pages/all-weather-training-targets.

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