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CBP Purchases B&T USA GLO6 Less Lethal Launcher Systems

US Customs and Border Protection, part of the US Department of Homeland Security is purchasing 150 B&T USA GL06 Less-Lethal Launchers. This is the latest B&T USA procurement by CBP, who has purchased a sizable number of APC9K-G submachine guns by leveraging the US Army Sub Compact Weapon contract. The vehicle contract was modified earlier this year to allow other agencies to purchase from it and to supply Glock and SIG compatible lower receiver groups.

The GL06 is a shoulder-fired less lethal system capable of firing a complete range of lethal and less-lethal 40x46mm munitions and impact rounds through its fully rifled bore — delivering unmatched accuracy at standoff distances out to, and beyond, 40 meters. The GL06 is claimed to be lighter and more compact than other stand-alone platforms of the same class, yet is capable of greater accuracy, has superior ergonomics and offers a greater flexibility in munition selection to include the company’s own SIR and SIR-X (Safe Impact Rounds).

CBP GL06s will be delivered as configured from B&T USA, fitted with Aimpoint Micro TL optics, as well as their quick-detach optic mounts and vertical forward grips.

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