2021 TSSI NCRE – M3 Modular Light Multi-Carrier from IntelliOptix

Offered by IntelliOptix, the M3 Modular Light Multi-Carrier is a Swedish design, originally created to carry 84mm rounds for the Carl Gustav but will also accept 5.56mm and 7.62mm ammo cans as well as other loads, making it quite adaptable for the small unit as an ammo bearer pack.

Loads can be strapped in place and configured so that a weapon can be fed directly from the pack. The bottom of the pack incorporates rubber covered feet to keep it stable. The central divider also serves as a carrying handle to more easily manage the load when it’s not being carried.

You can even carry the Carl G on the Multi-Carrier.

Here’s one last photo IntelliOptix that shows the operating concept behind the creation of the M3 Modular Light Multi-Carrier which allows the gunner to have rounds on him, in case he gets separated from everyone carrying his rounds.

IntelliOptix products are available for unit and agency orders from TSSi.


4 Responses to “2021 TSSI NCRE – M3 Modular Light Multi-Carrier from IntelliOptix”

  1. Terry Baldwin says:

    That is quite a bit of weight carried well off his natural center of gravity (last picture). There is a good reason that snipers don’t try to take a long shot standing up with their rucksacks on their backs. That is why, in the real world, the gunner would still want to drop that carrier and catch his breath before engaging a target. At least that would greatly increase his chances of getting a first round hit. Not to mention make a one man reload faster if he does need to make a fast follow on shot. That said, the carrier looks like a good idea – especially for resupply scenarios.


  2. Ray Forrst says:

    I know why they chose fastex buckles, it’s a natural choice, but I’m not sure they are the right fit. They will get broken on that rig when carrying lots of weight in rigid hard containers. We all know that rick is getting dropped a lot and man handled under load.

  3. Hubb says:

    I bet I could fit some Rotopax on this thing.

  4. bulldog76 says:

    the vietnam era called they want their light weight rucksack frame back