GreyManTac Vehicle Seatback RMP Kit Now Available

GreyManTac (GMT) has released a new Vehicle Seatback RMP Kit, a rigid MOLLE panel. The new kit provides for an extremely modular in-vehicle (including boat, helo, and others) way of attaching and organizing gear.

Each GreyManTac seatback MOLLE panel comes with GMT’s 15.25 x 25 Rigid MOLLE Panel (RMP) and headrest and seat bottom straps. The kit is fully compatible with accessory choices from GMT’s most popular attachment categories: gear, medical, and utility. 

Grey Man Tactical Vehicle Seatback MOLLE Panel


Each kit allows the user to customize from the following, choosing one option from each of the three categories.
 GEAR: 3” QuickFist Clamp with hardware OR Dual QuickFist Original Clamp with hardware.
 MEDICAL: Tear Away Medical Pouch OR Tear Away Medical Pouch with BaseMED First Aid Kit.
 UTILITY: Large Utility Pouch OR Shockloop Bundle (x2)

Grey Man Tactical Vehicle Seatback MOLLE Panel kit in one of several available configurations.

The 15.25in x 25in RMP is a universal fit for driver or passenger seatbacks and passenger seat fronts on:

• Compact to full-size cars

• Compact to full-size SUVs

• Compact to full-size SUVs

• Compact to full-size trucks

• Most helicopters and boats

You can learn more about the vehicle seatback kits online at the GreyManTac website.

One Response to “GreyManTac Vehicle Seatback RMP Kit Now Available”

  1. Mark says:

    I tried one of GreyMan’s panels, years ago, thinking it would be a fast way to change out the contents of a day pack.

    Unfortunately, I never could find a satisfactory way to mount MOLLE pouches to the frame.

    While the panels have the form of a PALS grid, the material of the panels is far too thick to facilitate either MALICE-type clips, or NATICK-type straps.

    I eventually abandoned the piece, entirely.