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Greenline Tactical Launches New Training Website

July 1st, 2021 (Jacksonville, FL): Greenline Tactical, a Red-Blooded American and purveyor of high-level training services, is proud to announce the launching of their new website (www.GreenlineTactical.com). After working off customer feedback and placing his students’ needs first, Greenline Tactical is happy to announce the launch of a new user-friendly website.  This new site will make it easier for you to find out and keep track of what is happening in the life of the company in training, products, and future growth.

“The old website served me well but this new one is way overdue. I am excited about the ways that it will help usher in the future, while keeping my students needs in mind. This opportunity will also allow me to bring new products that I have designed to the market, which is something I am looking forward to show everyone.” says founder and owner Don Edwards.

The new website will showcase staff and adjunct instructor bios as well as a new products page.

New featured product:

Greenline Tactical has also release a private line of custom-built upper receivers that are hand-built by Don Edwards. These Upper Receiver Groups (URG’s) address the needs of the shooter, while perfecting areas of deficiency commonly found on lesser quality builds. Don has witnessed multiple guns break in his classes for many years and has decided to offer customers a better “No Fail” option.

All components are hand selected by Don and then inspected for quality before being carefully assembled. All URG’s are torqued to Mil-Spec and then receive a thorough final inspection before being deemed “worthy of gunfighting”. Follow the link below and secure one for yourself now, before they are gone!


2 Responses to “Greenline Tactical Launches New Training Website”

  1. Gabriel Cabrera says:

    Don is an amazing instructor and this is great news to see! Those upper receiver groups are legit as well!

    -Barrel Gang

  2. christopher jones says:

    GreenLine has added the tools to sharping ,think outside box not just pulling a trigger.Along with proven reasons, tactical mindset-the family of fellow students bonds are formed