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Warrior West 21 – HDT Hunter WOLF

One of the first things you see upon entering Warrior West is HDT’s Hunter Wheeled Offload Logistics Follower (WOLF), a 6×6 load-carrier for dismounted infantry.

Capable of carrying 1,000 kg (2,200 pounds) off-road for more than 300 km (200 miles) at up to 12 mph, and 120 hour endurance with its onboard fuel tank, the JP-8 / electric hybrid powertrain provides both a “silent drive” and “silent watch” capability. It will also produce five kilowatts of power.

This particular model spent quite a bit of time with the 10th Mountain Division, including a JRTC rotation, where the Army learned about how to use a small robotic vehicle in direct support of the squad.

What interests me about the Hunter WOLF is the modular architecture which allows the quick reconfiguration of multiple mission payloads.

At Warrior West, it is fitted with the MPR060 Water Purification System which produces 60GPH (227 LPH) maximum flow rate on freshwater sources and 30GPH (113.6 LPH) maximum flow rate on saltwater sources.

HDT products are available for unit and agency orders from ADS, Inc.

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