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Warrior West 21 – Winter Is Coming

ADS wants to remind you Winter Is Coming and that means now is the time to consider your cold weather clothing and equipment requirements. In a normal year lead times for softgoods is several months. With the supply chain disruptions associated with COVID-19, these leadtimes stretch even further. What’s more, there will likely be less coming out of factories, so those waiting until the last minute to place orders may get left out.

Not only is Winter coming but there’s an increased emphasis on operations in northern areas. This requires entirely new equipment in some cases and wider distribution of existing low denisty specialized gear. Alternatively, the solution may be as simple as a new paintjob for an existing product, like the LBT plate carrier seen below, offered in the Alpine variant of MultiCam.

But it’s not just new gear for this challenging environment. You have to stock up on other supplies as well. Speaking with the SureFire team, they explained that you will require lithium batteries for your flashlights as you operate below freezing. Alkaline and even lithium ion batteries won’t provide enough power to provide a full capability for lights rated at 1000 lumens.

The next few posts will do a deeper dive on some of the technologies showcased as part of ADS‘ “Winter Is Coming” effort.

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