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Launch of LMT Advanced Technologies, LLC

Karl Lewis, President and CEO of LMT Defense, forms LMT Advanced Technologies, LLC. Lewis claims, “Back in March of 2020, we created a company dedicated to developing innovative shooting solutions. Advanced Technologies (AT) has been working with multiple industry partners.” He further added, “AT has invested into research and development efforts to manufacture and market advanced weapon technologies to commercial, law enforcement, and military channels for both U.S. and international customers.”

Lewis named Chris Estadt to be the General Manager. “Chris brings 28-years of experience in the outdoor/shooting sports industry to LMT Advanced Technologies.” Estadt has held multiple roles within the industry, including Owner, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Vice President of Business Development, National Sales Manager, and Senior Regional Director. Lewis adds, “He has a proven track record of developing premium products, working with dealers, distributors, end-users, and OEMs.”

Estadt says, “I am looking forward to the challenges of launching the brand, building a product portfolio, developing strategic partnerships, and delivering impactful technologies.” Estadt went on to say, “We will be launching the website soon and announcing our first product release in the coming weeks.”

3 Responses to “Launch of LMT Advanced Technologies, LLC”

  1. Stickman says:

    This should be good, I have high hopes for this endeavor. I’ll also say that because it comes from LMT, people are going to have high expectations.

  2. Chris says:

    Anytime a company like this expands, it’s a good thing.

  3. J says:

    I clicked on your name and it brought me to your webpage. I’ll follow you on FB but I do not do the other areas…