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Cloud Defensive LLC Introduces Its Trade-In Program

Cloud Defensive is doing it again. With a 2-week trial run of its groundbreaking Trade-In Program tested back in January of 2019, Cloud proofed the validity of the concept. And a simple concept it is: Send in your old weapon light (with no conditions on make/model or even functionality – and yes, old retro-fit handhelds qualify too) and they’ll give you $100 off the purchase of one of their new REIN/Torrent light combos or an Optimized Weapon Light (OWL). Both of which are class-leading in both performance, features, functionality and durability. It’s as simple as it gets – and its virtually unheard of in the industry. The Trade-In Program is active as of the time of this publication. All the information you need can be found on the website.


“When we rolled out the Trade-In Program in early 2019, it was done because we wanted to see how the world would react to it. We wanted to proof the concept. We ran the program for 2 weeks and had all the proof we needed when it concluded. We’ve since spent the last 2 years building our company, our capability and our manufacturing capacity. All the while looking for a time to re-launch the program and make it a more permanent fixture. With 2021 settling in a bit, we’ve had a second to fast-track a couple of key new product offerings and to dust off the Trade-In Program so we could finally re-launch it.

The idea behind the Trade-In Program is to do something for you most others are just unwilling to do. Specifically, we will give you, the shooter, value for the old kit that you have you don’t want or don’t use anymore. It’s the right thing to do by the customer. And in our corner of the accessory market, I think this is particularly useful. Weapon lights are a bit different than most gun accessories in that while quality lights don’t have a shelf-life, lights do see significant performance updates every few years. And most of us always want the newest and best gear. Which means if you are reading this, you likely have a few older or lower quality lights that are just sitting in a drawer somewhere. Or maybe it’s on your rifle or pistol right now and you want to upgrade. You should get value for that. And from our perspective, the Trade-In Program is great because we don’t care about the lights that you ship us. So, there are no qualifiers on what you send in to get that credit. We only care about the lights that we ship you. And nothing makes that easier for you than offering 100 dollars on a Trade-In Program. We’ve spent some time and resource to get this process largely automated on our website. It’s easy to do. And I made sure we have strong inventory to support this move. If it’s in-stock, it’ll ship same-day your order is placed.

We’re here to make some noise. And this program is doing just that”.

Sean McCauley, CEO

Cloud Defensive LLC

4 Responses to “Cloud Defensive LLC Introduces Its Trade-In Program”

  1. Ricky says:

    Solid business move!

  2. chuck mac says:

    will the Cloud team be at ADS Warrior this week, and can i bring trade to your booth ?

    • mike says:

      Though I doubt the answer is yes I definitely appreciate the question and await the response!

  3. Rob C says:

    I’ll be impressed when someone makes a flashlight company that doesn’t charge $300 USD for 1400 lumens