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Luminae Shooter Belt

Luminae claims that their Shooter Belt is the most rigid shooters belt on the market. It is a low profile, extra stiff and ultra light belt system, made from a carbon based composite. It comes with an inner velcro belt as standard and is PALS compatible.

One interesting feature is the Luminae Custom Multicam Polymer Cobra Buckle.

The belt is fully adjustable from sizes 28″ waist to a 38″ waist.


11 Responses to “Luminae Shooter Belt”

  1. Stickman says:

    That is good looking!

  2. A says:

    Doesn’t velocity systems have a patent on the triangle slots for PALS grid?

  3. BiblicalViolence says:

    I’m VERY interested in this belt but I have two questions. 1) How wide is it? 2) Is the tail-end of the adjustment retained solely by the elastic band?

  4. Luminae_design says:

    BiblicalViolence ,these belts are 2 inch wide with a 1 3/4 wide inner , the elastic is only a cover over the adjustment mech .

  5. jjj0309 says:

    If this baby is within 1.75″ width I’m all in, holy sweet! It looks gorgeous and well thought out design. Non-metal, fully adjustable, Multicam belt with PALS webbings? It must be dream if it’s under 1.75″ width.

  6. SLG says:

    It is 2″ wide.

  7. Lcpl0420 says:

    Is the polymer buckle rated for helo ops?

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