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Warrior East 21 – FalCom GN Headset

FalCom GN finds its roots in hearing aids. Their goal is to provide noise protection, while giving 360 degree sound identification and integration with military radio technology. Based on the demonstration I participated in during the show, they’ve done it. In addition to being able to identify the location of stationary noises both in compass direction and height, the system can assign different radios to appear to sit in certain quadrants relative to the wearer. For example, the air net could sound like it’s up and to the left while the command push is down and to the right. What’s more, certain channels can be prioritized over others so that the priority will be heard while other nets are lowered in volume so they don’t talk over one another.

One of their design cues is the shape of the human ear which they mimic with the location and shape of their microphone at the side of the ear cup. This also helps mitigate noise from wind. The OTE2000, seen here, has an IP67 rating and is powered by the radio it is attached to.

They also provide in the ear headsets as well as control units.

Units and agencies can procure FalCom GN gear by contacting Atlantic Diving Supply.

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