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Sneak Peek – Tardigrade Tactical PALS Waist Panel

Tardigrade Tactical has developed a prototype for a PALS compatible waist panel for mounting pouches unto. It will eventually be made it different sizes.


5 Responses to “Sneak Peek – Tardigrade Tactical PALS Waist Panel”

  1. Mick says:

    What’s that mini-med pouch w/ the red loop?
    I’m in the market for a compact IFAK…

    • Nicco says:

      Tardigrade’s tourniquet wrap pouch you can find it on their website in the medical section. No experience with it, just was curious after seeing your comment and checked the website.

    • Hi Mick!

      The pouch the refer to, is the Wrap – Tourniquet Pouch, designed to hold a CAT tourniquet, but will also hold a SAM XT or similar.

      So not really an IFAK. I would go for a Viper IFAK from S.O. Tech instead, if this is not too big.

      Best regards,
      Founder of Tardigrade Tactical

  2. Joe says:

    Does it have PALS on both sides?

    • Birk says:

      Hi Joe,

      it only has PALS/MOLLE features on that one side. The layer behind the front layer is stabilizing the whole panel.

      Founder of Tardigrade Tactical