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Altama x Relv Camo OTB Maritime Mids Now Available

Relv Moab and Marauder Maritime Mids are here!


4 Responses to “Altama x Relv Camo OTB Maritime Mids Now Available”

  1. Mike L. says:

    Altama – more than new colorways (which are sharp by the way), I’d ask you release a variant with a more ‘foot’ shaped toe-box, like Altras, Merrell trail glove, Vivobarefoot, Topo, even the Danner Tachyon. I loved my OTBs, but since switching to more anatomically correct shoes with the reshaped forefoot, these pointy toe-boxes crushes my toes and cause blisters.

    • SSD says:

      They have wide.

      • Mike L. says:

        True. If I have the chance I’ll try the wide, though I don’t suspect the shape of the toe-box will be much different.

        I find that being able to flex and splay my toes makes a huge difference, and even when running and hiking my knee pain and back pain has decreased with zero-drop anatomically-shaped shoes. It is hard to strike a balance between anatomical and clown-shoe-esque though.

    • User of wide Altamas says:

      I’ve worn Altras, New Balance Minimus, and Lems shoes designed with foot shaped toe boxes, and I like them a lot. I’ve also work regular width Altama OTBs and wide ones, and while the regular ones were too narrow, the wide ones are my favorite shoes. Give them a try.