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FN Announces Key Upgrades to Proven FN SCAR Semi-automatic Line-up


(McLean, VA – August 31, 2021) FN America, LLC is pleased to announce that the long-awaited non-reciprocating charging handle (NRCH) upgrade is now available in all FN SCAR® semi-automatic models. FN’s new NRCH assembly features dual, ambidextrous charging handles that enable users to shoot from any position or use any grip style. The FN SCAR upgrade improves an inherently more accurate and reliable platform that, in its military configuration, has served America’s most elite fighting forces for more than a decade.

“The FN SCAR has proven itself as a leader in its class since its introduction, setting the standard for what gas-driven, semi-auto rifles should be,” said Chris Cole, Vice President, Sales & Marketing of FN America, LLC. “The complete modularity and fast-handling character of our most versatile rifle platform continues to advance. The FN SCAR 17S and 20S were already the softest shooting gas-driven .30-caliber rifles on the market and these upgrades deliver even more functionality to the SCAR platform.”

Dual, Non-Reciprocating Charging Handles

The FN SCAR becomes even more intuitive to the end user with new, non-reciprocating, dual charging handles, enabling any shooting position, grip style or optic choice. Combined with the fully-ambidextrous operating controls and adjustable buttstock, the FN SCAR instantly adapts to any shooter.

The assembly, consisting of a new charging handle sled and two ambidextrous, reversible charging handles that lock forward on bolt-close and remain static during fire, provide superior forward assist capabilities. The two charging handles, one at a 30-degree cant specifically designed to reduce interference with low-mount optics and one low-profile, are user-swappable in the field. The reduced reciprocating mass of the new bolt carrier produces less felt recoil, making a soft-shooting rifle even easier to manage.

“With the FN SCAR there’s a reason for every part, all have to work together perfectly to deliver the uncompromising accuracy, reliability and toughness this platform has earned under fire, that’s the difference between an FN SCAR and other carbines, we are held to a higher standard than most, failure is not an option for our Nation’s most elite forces, said Benjamin Voss, Product Manager for FN’s Long Guns. “With the semi-auto FN SCAR 16S, 17S and 20S, we hold the same standards of quality for these commercial variants. Adding the non-reciprocating charging handles allows SCAR to be even more adaptable, enhancing an already accurate and soft-shooting rifle. Shooting positions like urban prone, from a barrier or with a CQC-style grip are made possible and users can now run low-mount optics without interference.”

Every SCAR Tells a Story

The legendary FN SCAR series takes root in its battle-proven lineage, adapted from USSOCOM’s newest battle rifle since the M4 entered service in the 1990’s. The benchmark of reliability and versatility with its three variants, the FN SCAR 16S, SCAR 17S and SCAR 20S are capable of consistent accuracy from their cold hammer-forged and chrome-lined barrels and one-piece forged aluminum receiver, delivering precision fire with aid from its fully adjustable buttstock, low-flash gas regulator and fast-handling characteristics uncommon in similar rifle platforms.

Experience the FN SCAR’s unmatched history of military excellence and never-ending list of features, including the new, non-reciprocating charging handles online at

11 Responses to “FN Announces Key Upgrades to Proven FN SCAR Semi-automatic Line-up”

  1. Josh says:

    Will this be offered as an upgrade to current owners?

  2. BT says:

    But will they offer just the new assembly for purchase to upgrade the now legacy SCARs? If they do, Id snag one in a heartbeat.

  3. Chris says:

    The question is, does FN offer the NRCH/upgraded bolt carrier group to existing SCAR owners? Is the system backwards compatible? How much will this upgrade cost? Great news if FN will support their existing customers with fixing perhaps the only weakness to the original SCAR platform.

    • mike says:

      “perhaps the only weakness to the original SCAR platform.”

      Never shot yours suppressed, huh?

    • BT says:

      Saw on another site that a person spoke to a FN rep who stated the kit would be available in Q1 2022. No mention of cost.

  4. Christopher Wren Jones says:

    I wonder if the lighter bolt mass will help mitigate the optic-damaging resonance problem.

  5. Stickman says:


    Are there additional improvements, or upgrades in addition to the NRCH?

    Are these available as a stand alone part to convert existing models?

  6. mudd says:

    Now if they produced and sold a lower utilizing the ubiquitous SR-25/AR10 magazine, they would really have something interesting.

    The #1 issue with a magazine fed weapon is the magazine…. and the SCAR mags pop bottoms off and bend feeds lips stupid easily.

    Also, wouldn’t be terrible to have magazine compatibility with other current and future 7.62, 6.5creed, 260, and whatever 277fury/6.8Army turn out to be.

  7. Mike Nodine says:

    First, I like the reciprocating charging handle! Be a man! A NATO 7.62×51 isn’t going to break a finger, only cause an ouchie that is a joke compared to Garand Thumb. Contacting the charging handle in mid cycle is probably going to cause a malfunction, so don’t do it, pretty simple solution in my book.

    I’ve had my 17 since 2014, I don’t shoot it enough, probably only 3-4k rounds since then, all with a Striker brand PMAG lower running 25 round PMAGS down-loaded to 23 rounds.

    If mine ever jammed, it never has, I like the idea of being able to stomp on the Striker brand charging handle in both directions with direct control of the BCG. And a forward assist is built into every reciprocating charging handle at no extra cost!

    I’m not a Striker brand shill, although I can see how it would seem so. But I have never had a problem with any of their products and nothing but reports of troubles with other aftermarket Scar-17 brands. Striker usually costs more, but buy once cry once.

    The only FN upgrade I would ever want in my Scar-17 is something to mitigate the reputation for eating scopes. I usually shoot with the irons on mine for fear of killing a decent scope.

    For those who are afraid that reciprocating charging handles are “dangerous”, I laugh, table saws and chain saws are REALLY dangerous. Reciprocating charging handles not so much.

  8. muddd says:


    I’m very glad you haven’t reached the performance envelope limitations of a recipricating charging handle. Professionals care about not inducing malfunctions.. not how erect and un hurt-able their massive thumbs are…
    enjoy, hobbies are fun.

    The reduced mass of the new NRCH and what I understand to be smaller gas jets will likely help with the not optic friendly G forces.