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GORUCK – How You Can Help – Afghanistan

GORUCK sent this out to their email subscribers yesterday. Many of us are frustrated because we can’t help the situation and this post gives us some hope. But no matter what you do, do NOT let our elected officials off the hook on this. Write them, call them, and remind them what a disaster was created here and that there will be consequences for our country and the world community for not only emboldening the Taliban, but arming them as well. Also, we’ve lost 13 fine young Americans, the best our nation has to offer. We need accountability so that this won’t happen again.

September 1st the Taliban will shut down the cell towers and continue hunting down, one by one and with increased effectiveness, those most loyal to the American cause for the past 20 years. We even gave them the list to help them carry this out.

If you’re wondering how you can help, this is one way.

A small group of Special Forces and other SOF members have established what’s called Task Force Pineapple as part of Operation Recovery (a 501c3 non-profit). They are operating out of an Ops Center in America, activating and reverse engineering 20 years of human networks in Afghanistan and Pakistan and the surrounding areas to get all US Citizens and as many Afghan partners — the people we served with and their families — out of the country. This will happen over land through a country under Taliban rule, full of Taliban checkpoints, activating safe houses and ratlines and an underground network operating in secrecy. It’s a classic Special Forces mission which requires a bunch of pissed-off and highly motivated Special Forces soldiers — and with your help they can save even more lives.

Without any official US military presence as of September 1st, this is exactly how America can still represent and carry out our highest ideals — given the ground truths, this will happen in the shadows. It does not matter at this point what should be happening, or who to blame. There will be time for that, there always is. What is happening right now with Task Force Pineapple is what we do have, and it’s growing stronger by the minute. 

Before the bombing at the Kabul Airport, this was the precise symbol to get inside the wire. So far, over 500 lives have been saved with this symbol. It has since been changed — but the spirit remains and it is one of hope and sacrifice in line with our highest values as a country. Namely, loyalty to our friends and partners. Task Force Pineapple will not stop operating just because the U.S. is officially leaving. The Underground will grow. More lives will be saved.

Unfortunately, the Taliban will also grow stronger.

I know personally the people who are running TASK FORCE PINEAPPLE and I vouch for their character and effectiveness. We will not be able to save all of our partners, but we will damn sure try.

To aid and support the mission, here’s the patch for sale. All proceeds to benefit Task Force Pineapple. Or you can donate directly to them below.

Jason McCarthy

10th Special Forces Group, 2006-08

Founder, GORUCK

Purchase a patch here

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6 Responses to “GORUCK – How You Can Help – Afghanistan”

  1. Auronios says:

    Are non US citizens (NATO state allies) with LE/Mil background welcomed to physically help? Whom to shot and email regarding this?

  2. James says:

    May be some interesting stories come out of these guys, already some single source stuff out there about certain cell systems ,internet , and radio being hindered.

    • Zabihullah Azizi says:

      Would please give me the email address of pineapple. I am from Afghanistan and my life is in danger. Please?

  3. CPT(R) Corry Shepherding says:

    Can someone email me. I have a former student of mine who is an Afghan Army officer who is running for his life along with his wife and two kids.

  4. MJ Thomas says:

    We are a small group working to get some K9 handlers and their families out. Do we have any options? I’m worried once the cell towers go down we will have no ability to communicate at all. Thanks for all your help.

  5. Fahim Popal says:

    First of all RIP for those US’s soldiers that they lost their lifes during evacution of Afghans in Kabul-Airport, secondly I want to thank from US forces.
    Secondly is there any hope that those people who had worked with US government through BPRM projects their P2 application is under process or they have any chance for living in safe play in Pakistan or othrr country till their application cleared.