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Energetics Technology Ltd Launch Door Breaching Grenade

A new breaching grenade technology developed by the UK Government has been licensed to Energetics Technology Limited (ETL) in a deal that will improve Explosive Method of Entry (EMOE) operations and improve safety for operatives.

UK-based ETL has taken a licence for a 40mm stand-off breaching grenade technology developed by Dstl; brokered by Ploughshare Innovations in its role as the MOD’s Technology Transfer Office.

The Grenade is designed for use in scenarios where there is a need to breach locked doors to gain access to a building or room. It deforms a variety of door materials – including multi-lock steel doors.

The improved directional control of the explosive blast lowers the risk to the breaching team and reduces their stand-off distance. Fragmentation effects behind the door are minimised, reducing collateral damage and highly targeted, there is also a reduced amount of explosives used.

For further information, please visit: www.energetics-technology.com/products/ammunition-2

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    Minimum and maximum stand off delivery distance?

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