SIG SAUER is represented in the UK by Edgar Brothers so despite the decreased amount of participation by American companies, they were still on hand at DSEi. Although their display was much smaller than what you’d normally see for such a major brand, there are some great unicorns in these photos.

3 Responses to “DSEi 21 – SIG SAUER”

  1. Zach r says:

    I love the SIG 55x series, but man do they ever lack creativity with anything else. Nothing they make is distinctive in any way. That is a wall of blah.

    • Rob says:

      They have a new, possibly paradigm shifting, type of ammo, they have one of the most innovative piston solutions for an AR15 lower receiver, they have a light 338norma MG is field trials, they were the first to mass market a modular chassis pistol, they have a piston driven 9mm SMG, they have the smallest 300blk rifle around, they made the first viable pocket sized 10+1 9mm pistol.

      You can easily criticize Sig for many things but lacking creativity is not one of them.

  2. Roger S says:

    How embarassing for the greatest arms manufacturer in the world to be given so little exposure. Poor efforts from the UK folks of Sig. NGSW and Rattlers look superb ?