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Delta ComPac Jacket is Newest Release from UF PRO; Highly Compressible Winter Thermal Insulation Jacket

TRZIN, SLOVENIA (23 Sept. 2021)—UF PRO today announced it will begin selling a new tactical winter jacket—the Delta ComPac—on 7 Oct., just a few months before the freezing weather begins sweeping down.

A key feature of the Delta ComPac jacket is its ability to easily fold into its own pocket so that when stowed in a backpack it consumes little space. This makes it convenient to stow the jacket everywhere so that it’s always at the ready. Beyond its small form-factor, the lightweight jacket is also noteworthy for its ability to keep wearers comfortably warm in bitter-cold conditions.

The jacket is constructed with a water-repellent, wind-resistant face fabric and is lined with high-performance G-LOFT® thermal-insulation filling. Incorporated with the jacket’s design is UF PRO’s unique Hood/Harness system. The system lets the jacket’s hood precisely follow side-to-side rotations of the head, for an unimpeded view of their surroundings. The problem with conventional hoods is they block wearers’ line of sight by continuing to face forward when the head is turned, UF PRO said.

The Delta ComPac features insulated pockets for the hands and a pen-holding pocket secured with hook-and-loop fastener fabric—these are in addition to the large inner pocket for stowing the folded jacket.

Another Delta ComPac attribute is the jacket’s waist adjusters. These optimise comfort as well as styling by permitting wearers to define how tightly or loosely the new outerwear conforms to their body shape.

The Delta ComPac tactical winter jacket—available in Black or Brown-Grey—is priced at 189€.

For more information about the UF PRO Delta ComPac tactical winter jacket, go to www.ufpro.com/tactical-jackets/tactical-winter-jackets/delta-compac-tactical-winter-jacket

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